Highlights From Putin’s Press Conference Today

Vladimir Putin Answering Questions

Vladimir Putin Answering Questions

Today, December 18th, The annual Russian press conference with Vladimir Putin was held with foreign and domestic journalists probing the Russian President. Topics varied from the economy to foreign relations.

On the Russian economy, Putin blamed, “external factors” for the well-documented economic troubles the country is facing. The country’s currency, the Rouble is falling rapidy, and is down 51% in 2014. Russia is one of the largest oil producing countries and oil’s declining prices have been a large reason for the country’s decline.

With that in mind, Putin said, “Getting out of this situation is inevitable: world economy will grow and our economy will come out of this in two years at most”. To achieve this end Putin said he will create an environment for businesses that is conducive to growth and a boost in employment. He went on to flatly say the accession of Crimea has nothing to do with the economic crisis.

Russia’s diplomatic relations are another issue many critics have faulted, particularly the crisis in Ukraine which Putin said,

“If Ukraine wants to restore peace and territorial integrity, it must respect the people who live in certain regions of the country, carry out a political dialogue with them. I am confident Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko sincerely wants to resolve this conflict, but he is not alone in that.”

Domestic politics was a common theme throughout as well. Putin said,

“There is no foundation more solid and vital than that of the Russian people, they feel we act in interest of Russian citizens.”

Russia was also home to the 2014 Winter Olympics which Putin thought went well, and will help Russia in the future saying,

“If we want our people to stand in line not for vodka, but for figure skating we need to invest in necessary facilities.”

Putin also touched on internal dissent in Russia, but does not seem to be troubled.