A Standout Executive in Mobile Marketing

Itai Kathein knows the value of setting solid standards, and following through on them. Mentioned in the news and the media from The Mobile Marketing Association, IGN, and even on Fox News, Kathein’s company has been an industry leading provider of digital content and mobile communities, serving, in the process, as a top industry advocate, with a value placed on setting standards that protect the rights and interests of the consumers.

Consumer Best Practices Committee

As a result of the company’s noted effort, they have been placed in a prominent position aboard the Consumer Best Practices Committee, where the corporation serves beside industry titans AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The committee was formed by the Mobile Marketing Association, otherwise known as the MMA—a global organization representing more than 40 countries. In addition to this honor, Kathein’s company was also placed on the MMA’s Privacy Task Force, where they serve to further prevent the possibility of unsolicited communications.

Mobile Marketing Association

The company’s position on the committees has not been its only efforts to spread the word on security and best practices in mobile communications; now, the company works to reach directly out to customers, issuing education, advice and tips on what users should look for in mobile shopping experiences. To provide an example of the high standards consumers should look for when shopping online, the company offered its own best practices as a case study; this was done in the hopes of keeping the standards high across the country, in terms of mobile marketing.

Excellence in Customer Service

In particular, a case study showed the company following through on the best practices issued by the MMA. First, companies must always disclose prices. Costs of services, frequency of billing and length of subscription on all sign-up materials should be displayed frequently on the company’s website and other means of communicating with customers. Next, customer service should be easy to access. Toll-free customer service numbers should be displayed frequently on all websites; the service is available twenty-four hours a day.

Kathein’s company also included a text messaging service, which allows customers to receive help at all hours of the day. The company also has an opt-in process, in which the consumer is sent a message, which repeats the terms a second time and asks them to once again verify that they wish to register. In the case of a cancellation or request of a refund, the company is also quick to expedite these processes, as requested by their consumers. Finally, the case study also reported very low levels of complaints from consumers; this is due largely to the quality of the company’s products, the clarity of the initial disclosures issued and the professional manner exhibited by Kathein’s customer service team.